1 a Articles: Bearing witness documentations : genocidal, Homs, Aleppo

I have compiled 2 indexes , more correctly, guides to my blog then decided to itemize the contents  and place them as  lists on top of my blog in order to facilitates navigation through my blog.

Please note that  although I started this blog in November, 2012, some of the entries in it specially those posted in November and December, 2012,  date back  to 2011, the first year of the Revolution.

Also not that the contents are more or less chronological. starting with the earliest.

This blog can also be navigated: 1. by using the calendar on the right hand side. 2 by using the archives at the bottom of each page or by using the search boxes.


a. Bearing Witness documentations and articles

(The bearing witness articles record damages to the Syrian Cities and also bearing witness to massacres, crimes against humanity and human rights grave violations. They also contain a meticulous compilations of images)

Genocidal crimes against humanity

**The Massacre of Aqra

Posted on 

**Bearing witness:The children of Syria, the new born of Syria, the babies of Syria, the toddlers of Syria, I present them to you

**Bearing witness: I present to you the children of Syria

**Bearing witness to a child bearing witness: a child’s tale, a child’s testimony. Nayef is his name

2 Responses to 1 a Articles: Bearing witness documentations : genocidal, Homs, Aleppo

  1. Fawaz Mzayek says:

    A very important and rich resource about the Syrian revolution and the effect of the war on Syrian unique cultural and architectural heritage. Thanks Alisar and keep the good work.

    • alisariram says:

      Than you Fawaz Mayzak. We can only do our best. I wish I could do more. Nothing. nothing can do justice to thr Syrian Revolution and the Syrian people.

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