If I Were a Tree in Midwinter

The spirit yearns for love and beauty as the world around us breaks and disintegrates, even as the light of love dies in the hearts of men. Hence this poem:

If I were a tree in midwinter and you passed by

I would put forth blossoms like midnight stars

If I were a shimmering fountain and you passed by

I would rise like a nymph threading its jewels on my brow

If I were a snow-white bird and you passed by

I would sing the music of the spheres lighting the heavens

If I were in my cold senseless grave and you passed by

My earth will quicken wearing the glory of an earthly paradise

O if I were a goddess and you passed by

I would forsake my heavenly splendour and walk by

Trees: gouache on paper .  ©Alisar Iram


I did not know when I loved your spirit

Not knowing you, not seeing you

That the unknown will beckon

And a galaxy I have not seen before

 Was to shed lights hitherto unknown

I did not know when I loved your mind

That all the unread books are inviting me

 To read that book of life, that poem

 That I have never read before

I did not know, no,

For how would I have known?

©Alisar Iram

About alisariram

I am an artist, a writer and a researcher. I know Arabic and English . I am interested in music and art of every description. I like to describe myself as the embodiment of a harmonious marriage between two cultures which I value and treasure.
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