Syria’s tragedy wins prizes

I am not being critical or disappointing because these gifted photographers risked their lives in order to shoot these photographs and bring them to the attention of the world. I am only recording what I feel on the subject.
 Artists and photographers are making or shooting memorable pictures and images about  the tragedy of Syria and the suffering of its people. ; writers are writing some of the most moving accounts whether in poetry or in narratives describing the epic suffering of the Syrian people, including some Syrians like me, but the Syrians, the women, the children and young men who are the subject can do nothing but die the most terrible deaths and suffer the most excruciating  tortures in countless jails which are not even fit for animals. Yes, the subjects of many masterpieces, have no chance of survival because the world cries more over pictures of suffering but will not cry for the actual human beings who are suffering, or else it would have done something about it. To shed tears and sympathize does not exempt us from our duties towards our fellow human beings, does not free us from our duty of care. 


The winner of 1st prize World Press Photo

Syria Under Seige, Al-Kusair, Syria

Syria Under Seige, Al-Kusair, Syria

The Winner of 2nd prize World Press Photo

Civilians flee fighting between Free Syrian Army and Assad’s government forces in the Old City district.In the wake of the

Civilians flee fighting between Free Syrian Army and Assad’s government forces in the Old City district.
In the wake of the

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