Bearing witness to a child bearing witness: a child’s tale, a child’s testimony. Nayef is his name

I need help. I cannot bear witness on my own. If I feel that other people are sharing this child’s innocent dignified sorrow with me, I might be able to continue. He is a child yet he has been wrenched out of his childhood into a cruel, insane world of devastating suffering.  To me he has put on hundreds of years after he had witnessed and experienced unspeakable horrors. He holds back the tears because a childish innate wisdom tells him that he has to hold on and to muster immense fortitude in order to raise his young voice loud and clear and bear witness so that his wiped out family and neighbors who were buried under the rubble and debris of their homes as the Scud missile hit their humble homes in their sleeping village, so that their deaths might not be in vain, so that they will be remembered and mourned.He knows what is to be done as he stands like a young sturdy tree facing the microphone. I shall let him speak, for the following is a translation of his words:

A tale of dark deeds

A tale of dark deeds

We were asleep at ten o’clock when it hit(the Scud missile). We rushed outside screaming please help us, but those whom we were calling for were in need of help themselves. We returned inside to get the children out…My grandfather’s house was hit directly by the missile and  he was killed with my cousins, 40 of them. My grandmother was pulled out of the rubble in four pieces while my aunt has not been found yet. I wish to understand, why is he( Basar Al-Assad) doing this? Is he asserting his power over the weak? Even the stones are demolished…We pulled my cousins out, handsome young men, one of them was praying. Whom can you talk to? We keep calling Mahmoud, Abbas…but they are all dead.  A pregnant woman nearing her time was also dug out.  her husband was saving his money to take her to the hospital. A child no more than one week old was brought to the surface. It broke his father’s heart. He is at the graveyard now guarding his grave and the graves of the other children. He went out of his mind. Children? Nothing remained of them but severed heads and slippers… We thought it was an earthquake…I was hurt and fainted, but I did not want to tell my father I was in pain because he is very sensitive. I told him I was fine. As we were trying to save the people we were hit again so that the rescuers needed to be rescued themselves.

Here ends the child’s testimony 

The child's testimony

The child’s testimony

ScreenHunter_190 Feb. 26 10.30A child bearing witness

What is left but the unknown

What is left but the unknown

©Alisar Iram

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I am an artist, a writer and a researcher. I know Arabic and English . I am interested in music and art of every description. I like to describe myself as the embodiment of a harmonious marriage between two cultures which I value and treasure.
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3 Responses to Bearing witness to a child bearing witness: a child’s tale, a child’s testimony. Nayef is his name

  1. Lobna Mahjoubi says:

    Reblogged this on Lobna Mahjoubi.

    • alisariram says:

      Thank you Lobna. The children of Syria have no defenders but people like us. I regard this the noblest of duties. There are among them who have lived but few days and yet they had to suffer the most terrible of injuries and in most cases terrible deaths. Let us continue to do do our duty until peace returns to Syria.

  2. Lobna Mahjoubi says:

    It breaks my heart ,it drives me to endless questions !! why does it happen ..? when will it end and how .. the concept of dictatorship is usually working on putting people down , killing their dreams , tiring their souls , destroying memories and future and bringing their wills down ….but Bashar is wrong , is driving himself to the hell because he is making bravery by his brutality he makes free Syrian more strong than ever before and he won’t defeat their tough determination for freedom and progress , people will make victory inshallah even the world stand silent and passive towards them ..

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