Who is not born of a woman?

On the International Day of Woman  I decided to write a poem.  Why? Because sadly women in most parts of the world live in semi bondage or are not given their full rights. If we give a woman the chance to tell us what she thinks of herself, I imagine she would tell us what I am going to write below. When the soul is free, the whole being speaks out of unity and glories in its inborn beauty. The poem  is in Arabic and in English. I have chosen the Mona Liza to grace us and my poem with her lovely presence. 

Who is not born of a woman?


My soul belongs to God

My mind and thoughts belong to humanity

My heart belongs to love

My life belongs to my destiny

My body belongs to my body

My body is the temple of my soul

And my life.

My children belong to life


No man will own me

And I shall own no man

He who is born of a woman

Is born to be free

Man is the brother of woman

And woman the sister of man

Each of them was born free

To know the world

To know each other

And to find joy,

The one in the other.


Love me man

For I am life

And life giving

I was born free

Free to seek you

Free to find you

Free to love you

And as I was born free

I shall die free

Loving you man my beloved

And this pain

Is but my deathless joy in you

Love me man

For I am Life and Life giving.

Alisar Iram

Alisar Iram


انا امرأة، من لم تلده امرأة؟


روحي ملك الخالق

عقلي وفكري ملك الانسانية

قلبي ملك الحب

حياتي ملك قدري

اطفالي ملك الحياة

جسدى ملك جسدي

جسدى معبد روحي


لن يملكني رجل كما لن املك رجلا

من ولدته امراة خلق ليكون حرا

 الرجل اخ للمراة

والمراة اخت الرجل

وكلاهما ولد حرا

ليعرفا العالم

 وليجدا البهجة في كل منهما الأخر

فحبني يا انسان

اناالحياة ومانحة الحياة

لقد ولدت حرة

حرة لكي اعانق الوجود

حرة لابحث عنك

حرة لاعرفك


وكما ولدت حرة

ساموت حرة

وانا احبك يا انسان

وما هذا الالم

الا حبي الذي لا يفنى

حبني يا انسان

فانا ام الحياة

اليسار ارم Alisar Iram 

About alisariram

I am an artist, a writer and a researcher. I know Arabic and English . I am interested in music and art of every description. I like to describe myself as the embodiment of a harmonious marriage between two cultures which I value and treasure.
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