The Syrian people are crying in the wilderness

الشعب السوري يصرخ في البراري

احيانا يخيل الي اننا سنحتاج الى محاكم محلية ودولية تمتد بين السماء والارض ومن الآن الى الابد لكي نحاكم من اجرموا بحق الشعب السوري وبحق اطفاله الابرياء. دماء هابيل تسيل انهارا وتزخم الوديان بل تسيل في السماء. من لم يقتل وينهب ويسرق ويغتصب ويسبي الشعب السوري الاعزل الصابر؟ السارق يسرقه والقاتل يسرقه والملحد يسرقه والمؤمن يسرقه والغني يسرقه والفقير يسرقه والعلماني والسياسي يسرقه والنظام يسرقه والمعارضة تسرقه. الشعب السوري يصرخ في البراري والمخيمات وفي مدن الاموات والكهوف وفوق الصخور وتحت الصخور,في الصحاري , في الحقول المحروقة،  في الانقاض وعلى الانفاض، في القبور وعند القبور، بين أطلال تاريخهم وتحتها، عبر الابدية والزمان،  ولا من مجيب. الصمت والعمى والطرش هي سلاح الانسانية ضد الرحمة والاخلاق،  ضد انسانيتها. 

The Syrian people are crying in the wilderness

Sometimes it seems to me that we are going to need courts of justice spreading from heaven to earth and from now to eternity in order to try those who sinned against the Syrian people, especially the innocent Syrian children.  The blood of Abel is running like rivers, filling the valleys, climbing over the mountains, even flowing in the skies. Who did not kill, murder, burn, rape and despoil the patient decent Syrian people? All are robbing the Syrian people of their birthright and all that they own. The thief is robbing the people. The murderer is robbing them, the rich man is robbing, the poor man  is robbing, the believers and the Islamists are robbing the people, the ungodly and the atheists are also robbing them, the secularist, the politician, the sectarianist, the ideologist and the opportunist are robbing them, the regime is robbing the people so does the opposition. The Syrian people are crying in the wilderness, in the refugee camps, in the dead Cities, in the prehistoric caves, in the deserts, in the scorched fields, under the rubble and over the rubble, in the graves and over the graves. The Syrian people are crying in the wasteland of the wreckage of their history and civilization, are crying throughout eternity and time. But they are not heard, not answered. Blindness, deafness and silence are the defences pitted by humanity against them and against compassion, a humanity which has lost its ethics and humanity.

Blood running like rivers, posted to Facebook

Blood running like rivers, posted to Facebook

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I am an artist, a writer and a researcher. I know Arabic and English . I am interested in music and art of every description. I like to describe myself as the embodiment of a harmonious marriage between two cultures which I value and treasure.
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