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Compassion invoked

Poem from: Compassion  Compassion, rise and let your mercy like no mercy Your unimaginable tenderness In the folds of infinite gentleness Enfold this scene of ruin This Limbo of no return.  Let love shine Like the sun like the moon … Continue reading

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Syria needs a sea change into something rich and strange.

I need to dream. Last night, the full moon rose in golden glory and touched the sea with rare splendour. There was a strange beauty in the moonlit waves and the luminous night, a beauty that made me whisper: everything … Continue reading

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Descent into the Syrian Hell: an illustrated imaginary journey into the hell of Syria with invocations from world literature

Forward This is an allegorical imaginative journey into the Syrian Hell, created for the Syrians by their rulers with the complicity of the world. The residents of this Hell are mainly the children of Syria; therefore it is a hell … Continue reading

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Looted and smuggled Syrian antiquities: attempts and appeals to document and protect them

Protect Syrian Archaeology حماية الآثار السورية Protect Syrian Archaeology حماية الآثار السورية Stolen Syrian artifacts smuggled to Lebanon 17/05/2013 لبنان مصادرة لقى أثرية مهربة من سوريا السلطات اللبنانية تصادر آثاراً سورية مسروقة وتوقف أفراداً من شبكة التهريب 17/05/2013 أوقفت السلطات اللبنانية … Continue reading

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Where are the lost children of Syria, why is the cruel world not looking for them, for the children who have gone missing?

Originally posted on alisariram:
White bird white bird Original image was posted by an activist to Facebook and edited by Alisar Even the spiders, the snakes, the hyenas and the vultures have hovels, caves and nests to protect them from…

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The massacre of Bayda in Banyas: As the darkness proclaims its victories, let us give it no dominion

The report of The Syrian Human Rights Watch  documenting the massacre which took place in the coastal town of Banyas in Syria, covering the massacres of Bayda, and Ras Al-Nabe’. The report is in Arabic but as soon as I have it … Continue reading

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Message to the UN

The terrible heinous crimes committed by the regime and his militias in Bayda and Banyas, not to mention numerous other locations and not to mention the indiscriminate ruthless bombing of civilians, the annihilation of towns, villages and cities amount to crimes against humanity. … Continue reading

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How can they forget geopolitics and remember humanity?

We are, it seems, the twenty three millions of us or so, terrorists and siren gas wielders. We are the ones who are using the chemical weapons, not the regime who made them stored them and remains in sole custody … Continue reading

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Bearing witness: the Bayda massacre, genocide or sectarian cleansing?

Very graphic images. They were murdered and dumped like garbage. To all whom it may concern in our civilized world, please investigate…investigate…investigate. O, how the world looks the other way!  If they were dogs  and cats, the world would have been … Continue reading

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Taboo…Tabooed حرام….محرم

Cain killing Abel  The blood of Abel is tabooed Taboo..Tabooed…. حرام….محرم قابيل يقتل هابيل….دم هابيل حرام In memory of Bayda in Banyas ©Alisar Iram

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