Where are the lost children of Syria, why is the cruel world not looking for them, for the children who have gone missing?


Original image was posted by an activist to Facebook and edited by Alisar

Even the spiders, the snakes, the hyenas and the vultures have hovels, caves and nests to protect them from the cruelty of the forces of nature, but the children of Syria have no cave, no hovel, no hole to shelter in from the wrath of their own army and the insanity of a doctor turned a serial killer. They are poor and their normal life is full of hardships, but these people are the descendants of those who built a civilization on top of a civilization and rocked the cradles of the humanity.  All they wanted was their share of dignity and a decent life, all they wished for was to breathe the air without fear or humiliation. Their children danced and chanted for the Revolution, for hope , dreaming the sweet dreams of children. Now they…

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About alisariram

I am an artist, a writer and a researcher. I know Arabic and English . I am interested in music and art of every description. I like to describe myself as the embodiment of a harmonious marriage between two cultures which I value and treasure.
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