Let us not debase ourselves or our Revolution دعونا لا نحقر ثورتنا ولا نحقر انفسنا

Let us not debase ourselves or our Revolution

The Syrian Revolution did not erupt against the Shiaa, against Hizbollah and its leader Nasrullah, nor did it erupt against the Alawites, mobilizing one section of the society against another. Let us remind ourselves that it has been and is, despite the conspiracies, the inhumane practices and the intransigence of those among the Shiia or indeed the Qaeda and its likes, a Revolution against oppression, tyranny and dictatorship and for freedom and justice. It dawned as the rebellion of the deprived, the repressed, the tyrannized, the unlawfully incarcerated, the prisoners of conscience and the impoverished intellectually, culturally and socially. The Revolution of the Syrian people was not kindled against the shrines of the House of the Prophet and his beloveds (revered by the Sunna and the Shiaa alike) or for the revival of the caliphate or in support of the Sunna against others in blatant sectarianism. Moreover and most importantly it did not come into being in order to open a new notorious, absurd and unethical chapter in the regional and International conflicts.

 Why should we accept imposed roles, masks and objectives which we did not choose and which have nothing to do with our struggle for freedom?  Let Nasrallah go to hell alone without dragging us to it with him. And let Al-Qaeda follow him without smearing us with their tainted ideologies.  Are we going to permit the scum of the earth make us forget our great dream? The dream to build a free liberated Syria for all, a just secular Syria where our souls can sour unchained , our minds can expand unshackled, our prisoners of conscience stand liberated, and where our dreams and hopes can create a new brave country fit for Syria and its people? They have pushed us into an impasse and stalemate which can only lead us to our annihilation morally, culturally, spiritually and physically.

 Le us rise again in order to undo these newly fabricated and improvised chains, for we are the masters and it is we who decide our destiny.

Alisar Iram

الثورة السورية لم تشتعل ضد الشيعة، ضد حزب الله وزعيمه او ضد العلويين. دعونا نذكر انفسنا بانها كانت ومازالت
, رغم مؤامرات التافهين والساقطين اخلاقيا من الشيعة والقاعدة، بانها ثورة قامت ضد الظلم والاسبداد والقهر. بانها ثورة المحروم والمجهَل والمظلوم والمعتقل وسجناء العفل والضمبر والمهمشين فكريا ومجتمعيا وثقافيا.  ثورة الشعب السوري لم تقم من أجل هدم الاضرحة والاساءة الى اهل البيت، احبَاء النبي محمد، ولم تقم من اجل احياء الخلافة او حتى من أجل نصرة اهل السنة على غيرهم. وهي لم تقم ايضامن اجل ان تدخل الصراعات الاقليمية والدولية مرحلة جديددة من اللمعقول و اللا اخلاقية العالمية.

لماذايتحتم علينا ان نقبل ادورا واقنعة واهدافا هي ليست من كفاحنا الحقيقي وليست من اختيارنا؟ ليذهب نصر لله الى الجحيم لوحده دون ان يجرنا معه ولتتبعه القاعدة بدون ان تتلطخ ارواحنا بالمرافقة. هل سنسمح لحثالات الارض ان تنسينا حلمنا العظيم ببناء سوريا للجميع, سوريا مدنية عادلة حرة، الروح فيها طليقة والعقل فيها معتوق والسجين المظلوم فيها منزوع القيود والامال والاحلام فيها تصنع مستقبلا يليق بسوريا وشعبها؟ لقد وضعونا واوصلونا الى مأزق لن يؤدي الا الى الدمارالاخلاقي والثقافي والروحي والمادي

لننهض من جديد ولننزع هذه القيود الجديدة المفبركة فنحن الا سياد ونحن من يقرر المصير

©Alisar Iram

About alisariram

I am an artist, a writer and a researcher. I know Arabic and English . I am interested in music and art of every description. I like to describe myself as the embodiment of a harmonious marriage between two cultures which I value and treasure.
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