What does it mean to Syria and to the world if Assad stays

 1. Breaking the spirit of Syria and destroying its will.

2. Putting the seal of approval  on the claim that all has been in vain, that all is lost: the dreams, the idealistic aspirations , the quest for emancipation and better lives ,the endless sacrifices, the heroic struggle, the Syrian part of the Arab Spring, the call for freedom, justice and dignity and the battle for democracy against tyranny.  

3. Endorsing with a sinister finality that the hundreds of thousands of dead, the hundreds of thousands of tortured raped wounded and maimed citizens, the millions of refugees , not to mention,  the shattered livelihoods of the Syrians for decades to come have all been senseless, futile, meaningless and nonsensical.

4. The final disintegration of the moral and physical fabric of the nation.

5. The birth of an age of darkness fuelled by hate, resentment, deformity of purpose,  dark evil capitulation and surrender and a sense of loss that nothing can redeem, heal or end.

6. The Syrian people will be destroyed from inside by a spiritual Sarin, causing the kind of death that weapons of mass destruction can only dream of.

7. The Sultan of Damascus and the Sultans of Qaeda will turn the remnants of the Syrian people into robotic submissive subservient slaves who will lick their masters’ feet day and night.

8. There will be no home coming for the millions of uprooted Syrians.

9. Syria will continue to be dragged and forced along the road of violence, savagery, iniquity, lawlessness, destruction and annihilation.

10. Syria will keep fragmenting and dividing like cancer cells which will finish it off with a terrible finality

11. A strange beast without past and history, without present, without future, fed on  death and fanaticism, will breathe calamity, torture, imprisonment, starvation and disease as it straddles the Syrian land,  dragging the black death, the plague of murderous anarchy in its wake.

12. The moral, spiritual and social decadence and depravity, afflicting the ideology of terror and cruelty enshrined by the regime, its security institutions and its army, which have created the holocaust of Syria, will go on the rampage unchecked, clothed in the mantle of global acceptance and protection.

13. The loss of hope, faith and motivation as the endless night of despair grips those who will survive in the wasteland of their country .

14. Syria will be divided internally between two major players: Assad and  Al-Qaeda and its affiliates, the Nusra Front and ISIS, who will co-exist as they are doing now because tyranny, dictatorship, loss of liberties, suppression and the abuse of power is what unite them in purpose and objectives. Iran and Hizbullah will continue to provide arms, military personnel and expertise in support of the dictator against his people, thus deepening the sectarian rifts,  while Russia will emerge as the Super power which won the day and devoured Syria.

 15. The crimes against humanity committed by the Regime including genocide, the use of chemical weapons and incendiary weapons like Napalm will go unpunished and unaccounted for.


ScreenHunter_3080 Nov. 10 12.00

If Assad is permitted to stay, the world will stand guilty and condemned:

1.  For committing one of the worst crimes against humanity directly or indirectly.

2.  For murdering Syria and its people with general implicit consent.

3.  For indifference, cynicism, terrible cruelty and wilful premeditated inaction.

4. For failing to spread awareness among the peoples of the world about the true extent and dimensions of one of the worst tragedies to hit mankind in recent history, resorting instead to defame and slander the Syrian people by holding them responsible for the actions of the invading infiltrating Qaeda and affiliates, ignoring that they are the victims and that the Syrian regime should have stopped them instead of concentrating all its efforts on killing its own people. 

5. Finally for the moral and ethical bankruptcy of the countries of the world at large, not to mention the failure of the so called Super powers who hold the fate of the world, especially that of the smaller countries in their hands, to rise up to the dictates of common decency and justice , true responsibility and the implementation of the universal human rights  and who are now willing to condone the continuation of Assad and his regime because it is convenient, pragmatic and because it is in their interest to do so.

6. For allowing the Syrian regime to commit some of the most terrible crimes against humanity without attempting to stop it or calling it to account.

7. For selling out the Syrian people for Assad’s chemical weapons.

 ©Alisar Iram

Qusair near Homs as was left by the Assadi army and hezbullah. Photo by Mahmoud Badnijki

What do you call this? Qusair near Homs as was left by the Assadi army and hezbullah. Photo by Mahmoud Badnijki


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  1. pamberi says:

    I left a longish comment Monday morning, or night in the U.K. Hope it is posted.

  2. alisariram says:

    I have answered and posted it.

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