Hail the Coming ٌRevolution: we shall not give up

 Under the weight and onslaught of the tremendous violations, epic violence and dehumanization, the Syrians are evolving. They are evolving into super ghouls on the one level and super humans, super ethical and humane beings, on another . Therefore while the suspicious, calculating world continues to regard the Syrian people as beggars and tramps, vying and trying to  blackmail it  emotionally, into sympathy and extending the hand of friendship and support, including military support if you wish the Syrians, or what has remained of the Syrians of the Revolution,  are faced with their Revolution fragmenting and fracturing  under pressure.  They are faced too with a more terrible danger,  descending upon them from the four corners of the world, that of watching their heroic Revolution being usurped, distorted, sectarianized  and mangled by  violence and the special agendas and agents of   violence, its traffickers and dealers.

The Syrian Revolutionaries have become a minority in their own revolution, while the sharks, the war lords and war profiteers have become a multitude. Syria is now a country floating in space, or it might be in the inter-worlds space,  awaiting the black hole, while the world argues the finer points of staying aloof, cool and self-collected .

Consequently, yesterday, in a fit of desperation, turning to defiance I sat down and wrote. It might be I was dreaming.

Hail the coming revolution

I am of the mind that there is another Revolution now in the making. I shall be one of its first supporters and disciples. The revolution which is brewing is a revolution against the regime and a revolution against those who have exploited and used the Revolution for their own agendas, whether local or foreign. To overdo the regime in cruelty, hideousness, destruction and savagery, whatever the reasons are, is not part of this new revolution. To continue to accept the wrecking and destruction of what has remained of the Syrian cities in order to win a battle but lose the war is not part of it. To win at the cost of losing the civilians their homes and means of living is
not part of this revolution either. To win at the cost of playing the regime’s game of using the historical sites and monuments as the battleground for scoring military victories should be absolutely avoided. 

The coming revolution will be for the human beings big and small, not for God because God does not need us while human beings do. The new revolution will remember the dreams and aspirations of the common man and picks up the theme of freedom, justice and equality for all. The new revolution will return us to tolerance, our traditions of coexistence, good neighborliness and respect for each other. And this new revolution will more than ever before call for instating the ideals of democracy , and for a civic society adhering to the principles of human rights, while enshrining the  civil liberties under the rule of law. The new Revolution will remember  that at the onset of the Syrian Revolution The Syrian civilians showed  more creativity and unity of spirit and purpose than we could have possibly imagined in our wildest dreams. Their pride in their peaceful demonstrations and the space they carved for themselves out of the tyrannical space of their government was of such poignancy as to be hard to emulate.The Syrians were filled with astonishment as they discovered their voices so they sang and danced. The new revolution will remember this and continue the phase of civil protest, picking up the threads which untold suffering and exceptional terrible brutality forced them to relatively relinquish but not abandon.

O yes, in the new revolution, we shall remember our dreams, for those who forget their dreams, also forget their rights. 

Hereby, I declare my allegiance to the new revolution.

©Alisar Iram

About alisariram

I am an artist, a writer and a researcher. I know Arabic and English . I am interested in music and art of every description. I like to describe myself as the embodiment of a harmonious marriage between two cultures which I value and treasure.
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