Addressed to Al-Qaeda affiliates, ISIS (Da’ish), Al Nusra Front and those in the Islamic Front who are emulating them


All honour rests with the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom against the Syrian regime

Listen to us very carefully, you who are rampaging in Syria, pretending to fight the regime, while in truth you are fighting the Syrians. Listen to us, you who are claiming that you are the ones who are dying for Syria, which should put you above the unarmed citizens. Do you hear what we are saying? The real heroes here are the Syrian people, yes, the Syrian people who are feeding and sheltering you while they go homeless and without food. Heroes do not betray, do not shoot in the back, do not ask for our souls in return for the honour of fighting for justice and freedom. Heroes do not kidnap, steal people and property, no , a country. Heroes do not hide their faces from us behind masks and their hearts behind treachery. We repudiate the thief, the oppressor, the fighters with secret agendas. The Syrian people are the real heroes. All honour rests with them; all velour and courage rest with them. They are the children you do not consider, the women you do not respect, the old people you belittle, the civil activists you are kidnapping and murdering, the unknown army of doctors, paramedics, relief workers, citizen journalists, human rights defenders, lawyers, teachers and writers. They are the cities and towns bearing bravely while targeted by every known conventional and unconventional weapon and they are the hungry and the starving, dying hundreds of times before death finally has mercy upon them.

The real heroes have never been Al Nusra, Da ‘ish and those who follow their example in the Islamic Front. Listen carefully to what the great Syrian people are saying. If you do not know who the real master is and that you are serving the Syrian people and their quest for freedom against tyranny, then get out of Syria for we do not want you and do not want your sacrifices and blood because they are without honour.

©Alisar Iram

كل من يخون صراع سوريا المدني ليس منا

ان ما يشعل الغضب في نفسي ويؤججه و يضرمه سياطا وشررا هو ما يدعيه بعض المقاتلين حاليا بتعال لامتناه ,خصوصا داعش والنصرة وحتى متكلمين باسم جيش الاسلام المتمركز في الغوطة، بانهم هم من يبذلون الدماء ويقدمون ا التضحيات في مجابهة النظام،  ولهذا علينا ان نخرس وعلينا ان نخضع ونستكين. عندما تكون الاكذوبة صغيرة نستطيع ان نبلعها، ولكن ان تكون الاكذوبة بهذه الفداحة والتغاضي عن حقوق الآخرين وتضحياتهم الهائلة العظيمة، فهو جريمة في حقهم. كم من المدنيين قتلوا ودمروا وعذبوا لانهم ثاروا ضد المستبد؟ كم من المد نيين ذاقوا الويلات وهجّرو وماتو جوعا وبردا ومرضا وتشويها؟ كم مدن وقري سورية سويت بالثرى لانها احتضنت المقاتلين من من ابنائها وغير ابنائها وقدمت لهم الحماية والمأوى؟ كم من النساء والاطفال انتهكوا لانهم اختاروا الحرية؟ عمليات حسابية بسيطة تظهر من دفع الثمن الاعظم ومن سالت دماؤم انهارا دون ان يطالبوا بان تكون لهم السلطة والفضل والتبجيل. عندما جاع المدنيون في دوما والمعظمية لم يجع الثورالمقاتلون، كما اظن،  كما انهم لم يفقدوا الماوى..

دعونا نتساءل، هل ذهب الكفاح المدني العظيم سدى؟ الاف الناشطين والشباب المتطلعين العاملين في مخلف الميادين السلمية بما فيم المواطنون و الصحفيون والموثقون ومناصرو حقوق الانسان والاطباء والمسعفون وعمال الاغا ثة والتنسيقيات وغيرهم ممن تعرضوا للعنف الممنهج المتوحش حتى ضاقت بهمالمقابر والسجون، هؤلاء الا يساوونكم
قيمة، بل يتفوقون عليكم ببذل الحياة؟

هل تمننوننا لانكم تموتون في سبيل سوريا بحربكم ضد النظام، هذا ان كنتم تفعلون وكنتم صادقين؟ هل تتعالون علينا طالبين الثمن، فارضين عليناعبودية عقائد لا انسانية بالية جاهلة مصدرها الرغبة في الحلول مكان النظام واستبدال طغاينه بطغيانكم؟ هل تتجرأون على مطاردة وقتل او اختطاف مناضليناالمدنيين الذين يشرفون ثورتنا من اجل الحرية؟ من يموت من اجل سوريا لايطلب ثمنا. من بطلب الثمن هم تجار وامراء الحروب، هم من جاؤوا الى سوريا لصوصا ساعين وراء المغامرات والنهب والسلب والنفوذ.اخرجوا من سوريا فنحن لا نريدكم ولا نريد دماءكم لانها دماء لا تعرف الشرف

اليسار ارم

After I wrote this post yesterday, news came that there were many demonstrations in the north of Syria against ISIS and that the FSA with fighters from the local towns and villages fought against them and that the rebels in Aleppo took a stand against them. The fighters of ISIS were besieged and they had to flee but not before they killed their prisoners. 

Demonstration against ISIS in Makana

Demonstration against ISIS in Makana

Today, I posted to Facebook:

Freedom..bless us with your presence once more

Now that the people have found their courage and dignity once more , now that they have remembered that the first and the last cry is freedom, we must press ahead with fighting the one enemy we rose against whatever name he chooses. Our enemy is tyranny, our enemy is injustice, our enemy is the absence of the same law for all, our enemy is crime and murder, our enemy is the disregard to human rights, our enemy is the absence of democracy and the civil rights in deicing the future of the country, our enemy is ignorance, intolerance, reduction and exclusion in the name of the state or religion, our enemy is silencing the voices of conscience, the mind, our humanity and our compassion. No military or ideological tyranny should ever be tolerated on Syrian land ever again.

About alisariram

I am an artist, a writer and a researcher. I know Arabic and English . I am interested in music and art of every description. I like to describe myself as the embodiment of a harmonious marriage between two cultures which I value and treasure.
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