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Leighton House Museum, Sir Richard Burton, Syrian Ceramics, the Syrian Revolution and I

I woke up this morning missing my life as a potter, missing the clay, missing its feel and textures for there is a difference to the touch between porcelain and stoneware and between earthenware and stoneware, clays out of which … Continue reading

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There will always be a Syria and a Syrian Revolution By Alisar Iram Mars the bringer of war A great deal of what is being written about the Syrian Revolution at this stage is descriptive and diagnostic. In fact the patient is on the verge of extinction because of … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking on Syria

  It matters, it matters a lot that one of the world’s greatest thinkers, a humanist at heart, is declaring what he thinks of the war in Syria and the failure of humanity to stop it. His point of view … Continue reading

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Thoughts on love and the Syrian revolution

  A Prayer Let love be greater than pain and the terror of suffering.  let it hold pain in its arms and sing it to sleep peacefully. Let love be mightier than hate. Let love softly softly breathe the kiss … Continue reading

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The library of the Great Omayyad Mosque in Aleppo, the Waqfiyya library goes up in flames

Originally posted on alisariram:
Waqfiyya I am going to update this posting then reblog it in view of fresh material I was able to collect on the Waqfiyya library before it was set to fire. My old post is immediately below the added…

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Manual in images: How to destroy your cities and annihilate your people by Bashar Al Assad

While Geneva 2 was in progress and Muallem lecturing the world about terrorism, Assad’d army launched some of its most horrific attacks on the Syrian civilians in Aleppo and Daraya (Greater Damascus). Barrel bombs, with unknown varieties of explosives but … Continue reading

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Cosmic Dance: Dervishes whirl in space

Cosmic Dance: Dervishes whirl in space Posted on February 2, 2014by alisariram I think whoever visits my blog will be quite bewildered because of the intersection between images of loveliness and images of horror, images of the flight of the soul into realms of beauty and … Continue reading

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