Manual in images: How to destroy your cities and annihilate your people by Bashar Al Assad

While Geneva 2 was in progress and Muallem lecturing the world about terrorism, Assad’d army launched some of its most horrific attacks on the Syrian civilians in Aleppo and Daraya (Greater Damascus). Barrel bombs, with unknown varieties of explosives but including T.N.T., were dropped on cities, not sparing mosques, churches or landmarks. The resulting destruction of stone and man is so horrendous and monstrous as to defy the imagination. The trail of untold suffering and destruction left behind, drove me to imagine the existence of such a manual as I mentioned in the title.  It is a methodical destruction, the one launched by Bashar, calculated, premeditated then  executed on an industrial mass scale with the kind of thoroughness that beggars description.

The manual

How to use barrel bombs and others effectively

Note that barrel bombs ,with their inventive  mixture of explosives, create pretty artistic effects when dropped on people and buildings. Anybody can produce death but to produce polychrome death is special.

Daraya: the art of bombing with barrel explosives

Daraya: the art of bombing with barrel explosives


How to dig up children and others in the aftermaths of the very effective barrel bombs. You can see for yourself how effective they are

After the barrels

After the barrels

How to extract children from under the  debris according to the manual

How to extract children from under the debris according to the manual


Digging people out with the bare hands

Digging people and young children out with the bare hands

The barrel bombs are very thorough

The barrel bombs are very thorough



Cities and houses get destroyed , so what ? This is the purpose of the exercise. Annihilate as much and as many as you can. They are all terrorists. Do not spare the children because they will grow up and become terrorists.

There are people under

There are people under

The barrel syrvives

The barrel survives

The young and the old are in the way



Yara Nseir's photo.

Starvation takes longer but it is very effective

Yarmouk Camp

Yarmouk Camp

Mercilessly, reduce people to waiting for their daily bread. Below, Yarmouk Camp


All images were posted by activists and citizen journalists to


Some images  were taken after earlier bombings.

©Alisar Iram

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