The Third Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution

Gather you good people of the world, light your candles, fly your balloons and smile at your children and remember the children of Syria, shivering in fear while the barrel bombs are being dropped from the blue skies to shatter their homes and crush their relatives, while they carry their  tiny belongings and flee for their lives along the dusty dirty twisted roads, while they sit in the refugee camps, shell shocked and oblivious to their terrible fate. For the love of every thing sacred, holy, beautiful and decent, let us end this tragic terrible war and feel that we can do something, that our compassionate voices should be heard, that we are all part of one  continent. If we believe in ourselves, if we believe that our humanity is mightier than the gathering dissipating darkness over Syria, we can end this war. We can end it with our compassion and our mercy.  We can end it with our love. Alisar Iram

With Syria –  A short animated film by Banksy and Idris Elba
Banksy, Idris Elba, Cristiano Ronaldo and other celebrities are coming together to launch a global vigil to mark the 3rd anniversary of the crisis in Syria. On Thursday, March 13th, according to the organizers behind #WithSyria, cities and iconic locations across the world will see thousands of people gather for candlelight vigils to call attention to the senseless destruction of the Syrian people. This video repurposes Banksy’s art to feature a young Syrian girl holding a red balloon, which organizers say ties into the mass release of red balloons that will carry “messages of hope to Syrians.”



We’re asking people in every country to shine a light of hope for the people of Syria: to take part online and in person, to send a clear message to our leaders that we will not give up on the people of Syria.

To take part simply ‘donate’ your profile picture. Your picture will join thousands of others to form part of an iconic image of support that will reach millions of people around the world.

مَن نحن

#مع_سوريا (WithSyria#) عبارة عن ائتلاف يضم عدداً من المنظمات في مختلف أنحاء العالم (انظر أحدث قائمة أدناه).

إن شعوب العالم أجمع تشعر بالأسى من شدة المعاناة التي يتجرع السوريون مرارتها، ويستلهمون شجاعة الشعب السوري الذين يكافحون فراراً من ويلات الصراع الدائر في سوريا. ولقد مضت ثلاث سنوات على دوامة العنف في سوريا، ويجب أن نؤكد لقادتنا أننا لن نتخلى عن الشعب السوري، وأن من واجبهم أن يضعوا حداً لحمامات الدماء التي تخوض فيها سوريا وأن نقدم المساعدات اللازمة لمن يحتاجونها.

نريد أن يعرف كل طفل وامرأة ورجل محاصرين في الصراع أننا معهم وأننا #مع_سوريا (WithSyria#) ولن نتخلى عنهم.

إننا نناشد أطراف الصراع كافة وأصحاب النفوذ جميعاً:

1. وقف إراقة الدماء: وهذا يعني وقف الهجمات التي يتعرض لها المدنيون، بما فيهم المدارس والمستشفيات. كما يعني احترام قوانين الحرب وحقوق المتضررين من ويلات الصراع الدائر في سوريا.

2. ضمان وصول المساعدات لكل من يحتاجونها وإنقاذ حياتهم: وهذا يعني إنهاء الحصار والاتفاق على عقد هدنة إنسانية حتى يتمكن المدنيون من الحصول على ما يلزمهم من مساعدات والوصول إلى أماكن آمنة. كما يعني إزالة جميع العوائق التي تحول دون حصول المدنيين على المساعدات التي يحتاجونها؛ وكذلك وقف جميع الهجمات التي يتعرض لها عمال الإغاثة. وبالطبع أن يوفر المانحين الدوليين ما يكفي من الأموال لتلبية احتياجات جهود الإغاثة الدولية الضخمة في سوريا والمنطقة بأسرها.

3. الالتزام بمحادثات السلام الشاملة: وهذا يعني الإصغاء لأصوات المتضررين – بما فيهم المجتمع المدني والنساء.


#WithSyria is a coalition of organisations from around the world (see the latest list below).

Across the world, people are appalled at the scale of suffering, inspired by the depth of courage of Syrians struggling to survive the conflict. After three years of violence, we must show our leaders that we will not give up on the people of Syria, that they must act to bring an end to the bloodshed and to get aid to all those who need it.

We will show every child, woman, and man caught up in the conflict that we are with them, that we are #WithSyria.

Together, we call on all parties to the conflict and all those with influence to:

1. Stop the bloodshed: This means ending attacks on civilians, including schools and hospitals. It means respect for the laws of war and the rights of those affected by the conflict.

2. Ensure all those in need can access life-saving assistance: This means ending sieges and agreeing humanitarian pauses so that civilians can reach help and get to safety. It means removing obstructions to civilians getting the aid they need; and it means ending all attacks on aid workers. It means international donors providing enough funds for the massive international aid response required in Syria and the region.

3. Commit to inclusive peace talks: This means making sure the voices of those affected – including civil society and women – can be heard and heeded.

ScreenHunter_4485 Mar. 13 12.37

Join David Beckham: Champion the #childrenofsyria

Compiled by Alisar Iram

About alisariram

I am an artist, a writer and a researcher. I know Arabic and English . I am interested in music and art of every description. I like to describe myself as the embodiment of a harmonious marriage between two cultures which I value and treasure.
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