In March of the year 2011, in peaceful green Daraa, the writings on the wall of a group of children sparked a Revolution


The article below was the first article I wrote celebrating the dawning of the Syrian  Revolution. I did not know then that my life was going to change out of recognition. All I felt was that a door suddenly opened before me as I walked into hallowed ground, into freedom, freedom for the millions of the Syrian people. I wrote it in London where I came to live initially after I had left my home in Damascus in fear in May 2011.  What sparked the Syrian Revolution was the brutal imprisonment and torture by the authorities in Daraa ( a city in southern Syria)  of a group of children who wrote  on their school walls slogans  inspired by the Arab Spring,  calling for freedom and the toppling of the regime. Shortly after, a schoolboy by the name of Hamza was captured and savagely tortured to death then his corpse was subjected to terrible mutilations. Daraa rose.  The…

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About alisariram

I am an artist, a writer and a researcher. I know Arabic and English . I am interested in music and art of every description. I like to describe myself as the embodiment of a harmonious marriage between two cultures which I value and treasure.
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