Bearing witness: The Destruction of the great city of Aleppo, the second oldest city in the world, Part two.

I am reposting my articles on the destruction of Aleppo, published in my blog last year, in support of the campaign #savealeppo


Google earth map of the centre of the  Old city of Aleppo Google earth map of the centre of the Old city of Alepp0

In part two of my documentation of the destruction of the Old City of Aleppo, I would like the viewer to read it in reference to my Part one:

This part of my documentation of the cultural damage to Aleppo will be updated as I receive new information.

Part two lists the main monuments, historical buildings and heritage sites in Aleppo, while marking the damage inflicted upon historical Aleppo, from extremely bad to moderate, in italics and by underlining combined with an asterisk(*) when possible. Images will be used to show, when possible, the state of the monuments before and after. I might have to divide this part into two, using a Part three, if it gets too long. Nobody  is able at the present circumstances to tell or fully document the extent of the terrible damage inflicted upon Aleppo by…

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