Bearing witness: The destruction of the Old City of Aleppo, the second oldest city in the world, Part three

I am reposting my articles on the destruction of Aleppo, published in my blog last year, in support of the campaign #savealeppo


All 4 parts of the documentation of the destruction of Ancient Aleppo will be updated to include more damage to heritage as it occurs.

Wikimapia, Al-Madina Souk Wikimapia, Al-Madina Souk

Coming to Part Three of my documentation of the destruction of the Old city of Aleppo and its priceless , inimitable cultural heritage, this part which will concentrate on the Khans and Old souks of the great city, I feel a compelling need to tarry a little in order to mourn for yet another time the passing away of part of the beauty of this world, your world and my world. For Aleppo, like Syria, belongs to the whole of humanity because it witnessed the beginnings of civilization as we know it. There is no doubt that the fighting on the ground did considerable and irreparable damage but it was, has been and it is the reckless savage aerial bombardment from the skies, carried out by the…

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