Is this World War 2? No it is Homs as Assad has re-designed it

The great architect, the inimitable designer and planner of cities, the unique demolisher, the superb wrecker, Assad of Syria has created a masterpiece of ruins Hiroshima cannot vie with. 

This heap of broken images, this wasteland, this NOTHING, this primordial matter was once a thriving, laughing, vivacious, buzzing city.

The images I have chosen are selected from newly released pictures, after the triumphal march into the broken city by the army of Assad and his militia of looters, the Shabiha, and older pictures belonging to the history of shaping and sculpting  ruins out of Homs by the great artist Assad.  I am angry and devastated, not in equal measures.


I densest the world which has allowed this to happen




Hiroshima Homs, posted by Ken Roth

Hiroshima Homs, posted to Twitter by Ken Roth

Homs after the Assadi conquest

Homs after the Assadi conquest. The picture was posted buzzfeed

ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 04 12.26 (1)

Homs of the Ruins

Homs of the Ruins

ScreenHunter_01 A;eppo Aug. 09 08.44


ScreenHunter_01 Aug.  Aleppo  06 17.09

ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 01 17  Hims.21

ScreenHunter_23 Feb. 13 14.22


ScreenHunter_276 Feb. 28 10.37

ScreenHunter_1762 Jun. 22 19.02

ScreenHunter_1940 Jul. 15 18.55

ScreenHunter_1955 Jul. 15 21.32

ScreenHunter_2097 Jul. 24 11.27

ScreenHunter_2163 Jul. 24 18.42


Ruins of our morality

Ruins of our morality

The end of everything

The end of everything

ScreenHunter_2226 Jul. 29 22.41

ScreenHunter_2227 Jul. 29 22.42

ScreenHunter_2241 Jul. 30 16.48

ScreenHunter_2275  khalidiyya  Aug. 02 09.31

ScreenHunter_4739 Apr. 17 10.42 ScreenHunter_4739 Apr. 17 17.23 ScreenHunter_4741 Apr. 17 21.30 ScreenHunter_4742 Apr. 17 21.33


ScreenHunter_4743 Apr. 18 08.58


The pictures below are compiled by Shab Homsi, showing the destruction of various neighborhoods in Homs

ScreenHunter_4749 Apr. 19 10.55 ScreenHunter_4750 Apr. 19 10.57 ScreenHunter_4751 Apr. 19 10.58 ScreenHunter_4753 Apr. 20 08.58

ScreenHunter_4889 May. 10 11.29

ScreenHunter_4890 May. 10 11.30


ScreenHunter_4897 May. 11 08.44



The last 4 images were published by Buzzfeed

Credits: The images published in this post were posted to Facebook at different stages of the battle for Homs. Special credit is paid to Shab Homsi who took many of these pictures. Some of the images were chosen from the web and media.

©Alisar Iram

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