We are the saddest people, we are the tragic people


We are the sad people

We are the sad people

I believe we have become the saddest people in the world. not only the saddest but the most tragic.

We are the sad people

We are the tragic people

We carry our losses and stare

Our losses carry us and stare back


We are the sad people 

The very sad people

With holes in our hearts

And holes in our memories 

We walk into the valley of death

Into the hollow land

Hollowed out of our deathless ruin


We are the forgotten sad

Sad but without hearts

For our hearts

Have been given trophies 

To a world without hearts

To help it shed a tear or two

Before, bright eyed,

It treads harshly on our severed hearts.


Between the heart and its pity

Between compassion and its mercy

Between the love and its tenderness

Between consciousness and its feelings

Falls the axe then it falls again


Between the cry and its destination

Between the tear and its grace

Between the tragedy and its catharsis

Between the cross and its redemption

Falls the axe then it falls again


Between pain and its healing

Between life and its salvation

Between despair and hope

Between the dark and the invocation of light

Between the prayer and its God

Strikes the axe and shrikes again


We are the sad the saddest people

We are the tragic people

The people of Aeschylus and Sophocles

The people forced into the valley of death

The people pushed into the valley of tears

The people awaiting the axe

To fall then fall again.

Alisar Iram

We are the tragic people

We are the tragic people


My comment on my poem on Facebook

When I wrote my poem, “We are the Saddest People “ last night “some of my friends, justifiably, were shocked at its “despairing” tone. They wondered how they could go on fighting against the regime with souls fraught with despair.  I became  confused because my poem according to me was about a terrible genocidal crime committed against the Syrian people. I was doing in words what Picasso did in the Guernica. It was an anguished cry against what was committed, or allowed to be committed, against the Syrians by a staring ambivalent world. For me it was not about despair. It was about assigning the role of the tragic victims to the Syrian people. But in order to console my friends I answered the comments from their point of view. Below are some of my answers:

“It is addressed to the world. the murderous callous ruthless world. I am sorry but they should know what is happening to the Syrians. A poet speaks with the conscience of humanity. You and I can have hope Youla because we are not walking in the valley of death.”

” I am expressing what the people without hope are feeling because they have no voices.We become their voices without losing our own.”

” In the midst of death there is life. In the midst of despair there is hope.In the midst of it all there are children who are still laughing.”

“WE reach the end of despair in order to kill despair.”

“Therese, my poem might be expressing despair, but at the end of the road the human spirit is at its mightiest.People who have become desperate have nothing to lose so they give their all. Victories are born of such feelings.”

©Alisar Iram

The Guernica

The Guernica



About alisariram

I am an artist, a writer and a researcher. I know Arabic and English . I am interested in music and art of every description. I like to describe myself as the embodiment of a harmonious marriage between two cultures which I value and treasure.
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