The rise of ISIS: The birth of Islamic colonialism

I was the first or among the first to write about the religious form of colonization and occupation. I called the incursion of the foreign Islamists into Syria religious occupation which aimed at establishing settlements. I was triggered by the example of Da’ish and their muhajiroun who have come to fight and settle down in Syria, marry Syrian women and have children. Now the idea has been taken up by others who like me realize the grave danger that the colonial policies of ISIS present in Syria.

In February 2014, in an article published by The Republic: ( I wrote:

What is happening in Syria is stranger than fiction, an epic genocidal violence released by the regime which has severed the life forces of the nation, arresting its heart or leaving it in a comatose state, which gave the lurking monsters of barbarism the chance to unveil themselves and claim God and religion among their first victims. This is not restricted to the barbarians of Sunnism, wearing the mantle of al-Qaeda, but also to the barbarians of Shiism….

There is another kind of occupation or colonialism not usually listed or singled out. I would like to call it religious colonization. For what are ISIS and, to a certain extent the Nusra Front, doing but bringing foreigners to fight in Syria in the name of International Jihadism?  The new settlers seem very anxious to start families by acquiring wives and raising children… It is all this jargon, all this ideological violence emanating from the dogma of reduction and the attempts at diminishing cultural and religious thought and heritage that infuriate and causes indignation, for the violence that imprisons the mind, inspiring people to commit atrocities is also lethal, whether practised by Assad’s supporters of the Qaeda devotees…   The world is marching towards unravelling the mysteries of the universe, while al-Qaeda and affiliates (ISIS) are marching light years backward in the direction of the void in an attempt to cancel civilization, history, cognition and cultural heritage. If they think that we are going to allow them to destroy our civilization and the priceless treasures of Islamic thought and knowledge, its legacy of philosophy and cognition, we would like to warn them that sooner or later we shall throw them into the dustbin of history where they belong. They are but false prophets. 

May, 2014

The Salifis are not Islam and Islam is not the Slafis ; Islam is not  the Jihadists, the Muslim Brotherhood and certainly not ISIS or Da’ísh. I think that we all agree that Islam is the tree from which all these minor branches, shoots or weeds grow or think they grow. Islam is a religion. The Salfis and the rest like Nusra and ISIS are interpreters of this religion. Why do they want to rule? The moment they become the rulers they will impose their own interpretations of Islam, right or wrong, on all others, including the non Muslims. They will use these interpretations as the source and framework to the constitution and as the authority by which the law is applied. They will rule by the Shariaa according to their interpretation, tailored to protect their interests. In this day and age politicizing any religion is a recipe for disaster, division and the eruption of violence. Why can’t the Islamists accept a democratic civil government which will grant equal rights to all? Are they afraid to lose their opportunity to be the new tyrants and wreak revenge on all? In addition, which groups of Islamists will decide the flow of events but the armed, despotic, ignorant, blood thirsty and power hungry groups? Do we think that the meek, spiritual or peace loving groups will prevail? No, says the terrible events on the ground. Qaeda is winning and ISIS is the face of the loss of Human Rights, civil liberties and freedom to come. 

May 22 

   Remember I was concentrating on the Islamists whoever they are who wish to rule, who wish to rule according to their interpretations of Islam in order to create an Islamic state built on Shariaa law according to them. All the experiments so far have been disastrous and a source of imposition, tyrannical interpretations and brutal enforcement. An Islamic state based on Shariaa is an anachronism, obsolete. This Revolution started with calling for freedom, justice, dignity and democracy and so it shall be. Muslims, Christians and all others will have equal rights in it.   You are defending those who are doing nothing but excluding all others. Why don’t you preach to them about freedom of choice and belief instead of trying to preach to those who are leading the struggle for freedom of choice and the freedom of belief and opinion? Make no mistake, those who are leading this struggle will defend the right of the Islamists or the Salfis to choose (by peace and not by violence), but not to impose their choices on others and terrorize them. 

 June 13

The plot thickens. A mass human exodus towards the unknown is in the making. What will happen to the people as the men in arms, regular and irregular, rush to take part in the carnage?  More towns to be destroyed, more cities to turn into rubble slowly? It is like re-knotting the knot which is already knotted beyond unravelling? The enemies are friends. The friends are enemies and the friends of the enemies and the friends are enemies and friends at the same time. You unravel it. I am of limited intelligence. Meanwhile the world is playing football.

June 14

Where to go? But where to go? The Syrian people are not wanted. The Syrian Shabiha are, the Syrian and foreign Islamists are, Above all the Syrian Bashar is welcome. ISIS is the stuff of the new vogue in warfare, so it is also admitted, but the Syrian people are an embarrassment and a nuisance, they are simply superfluous therefore out with them.

18 June

Is ISIS in Iraq more dangerous than ISIS in Syria? Is Da’ish in Syria to be tolerated because the Syrians are born to die? Or is it important for all concerned that the Syrian Revolution should be squashed in favour of Assad because he is the ideal president for Syria and the choice of the world? What is happening? If ISIS is attacked in Iraq alone they will be taking refuge in Syria or they will mass within the Syrian borders. How much more can Syria and the Syrians endure? The war machines that fight in the name of religion, 19 June  What is so wrong about the brutal Islamic warring entities of today created by violence and savagery in answer to savagery and violence is that they are anomalies, aberrations because they have no civilian and no civilizing content. They are oases of accumulated darkness. It is the absence of the humane and humanizing content, the absence of a vision of a better world, a more equitable and just world that makes ISIS, for instance, the horror that it is. It is and its counterparts are no more than military movements based on grudges and resentments without proposals for how to create a future free of hatred, grudges and the desire for revenge. They are the kind of organization that by war drag the world to more wars, solving nothing and offering nothing but destruction. They stand against civilization and outside civilization no matter how you choose to define civilization. For theirs is a fatal interpretation of religion and history based on exclusion, dismissal, elimination and prohibition.

 26 June

Perhaps we should not forget that Islam is about 700 years younger than Christianity. It will be there one day. I do not find much consolation in this, but it is worth thinking that Islam has not come of age yet, that it is in the turbulent state of struggling to acquire social maturity in its relations to itself and the globe. I have the feeling that what we are witnessing now is the final violent stage of Islam’s struggle with itself, trying to attain a new identity more compatible with the space age. In the future Islam might totally discard the idea of winning by force and violence and will instead retreat to the soul seeking to be a source of enlightenment and cognition. This way it will discover the way of peace.

Violence, 27 June

Where there is violence there is no humanity, no civil life or organization, no education or learning, no decency or ethical frames of reference, no civilization.There is only violence and the terror of violence. Violence has been depopulating Syria and is depopulating vast areas of Iraq now. Violence negates life and the violence of the Islamists in no different. In many cases, it is even worse because it aims at controlling the mind and the spirit completely by a distorted tailored view of the divine. They sabotage the concept of God and use it against people desperate for the help of the divine.  28 june

ISIS and Alboukama,  a town near the Syrian-Iraqi borders

n Alboukamal the local community and the FSA are fighting a brave steadfast battle against ISIS and their allies of the Nusra. Yet their valiant fight against overwhelming odds goes on almost unreported. If ISIS is to be defeated in Syria , this will be accomplished not by the flirtatious air-raids of Assad but by the Syrians in their villages, towns and cities doing so with the help of the FSA and the Syrian rebels loyal to the Revolution. What is happening in Alboukamal is of the utmost importance because of its position near the Iraqi borders and the heartland of ISIS.

ISIS, 28 June

We have come to this: groups of armed delinquents, the wild young men of the wild East raise a black flag sticking the name of Allah on it, while calling for all the armed young Muslims all over the world to join them, declare the birth of the latest model of Caliphate, the caliphate of outlaws, thieves, hooligans and murderers. Not bad, not at all. Robin Hood style caliphate except that the spoils go to the coffers of ISIS and not to the poor. Islam If Islam has a bad name, we have given it this bad name from here to eternity. No use laying the blame on the West. If we lay it where it belongs, we might yet make a start.

29 June

Why can’t the individual be a Muslim without filling the world around him with his spitting image? Be a Muslim, a good true Muslim, pray, fast and be devout. But let him be a Christian and let that person be a Hindu. Let her uncover her hair and let that man tell you that he is an atheist or an agnostic without you feeling the duty to punish him. Let them be, as you wish yourself to also be. Nobody should argue about your right to believe and obey your God, but you have to give them the same rights. The curse of religions have always been their messianic feverish belief that they have a message demanding of them that they should convert the whole world. Christianity is not, or was not,  different from Islam in this. No religion can be an answer to every man’s needs everywhere in the world, though it might think so. There are many people who are good, just, ethical and devoted to humanity without being religious at all. Be a Muslim but let me not be one if so I choose.

June 30

We are the Barbarians, we are the Mongols, and we are the wild hordes this time. We have sacked Homs, Aleppo, Raqqa, Damascus, Mosel and hundreds of towns and villages. We are the destroyers of libraries, mosques, churches, monuments, farmlands, crops and animals. We are the killers of women children and the flower of the Syrian youths. We are our own plague, our own sacrilege, and our own exterminators. We have failed as a people, as a nation, as fighters, as rulers, as intelligentsia, as educators, as custodians of knowledge, as human beings. I am not preaching nihilism or attempting utter demoralization. I am stating the truth.The truth is a good point to start again from.

An apologist,  July 1

I am going to appoint myself for a while the protagonist and the apologist for the Arab Islamic civilization. What prompts me to do this is the onslaught on Islam, Islamic learning, arts and civilization by the false Caliph, the pretender Baghdadi and his hordes of ISIS, not to motion the rest of the armies of Islam. I am not a devout Muslim or even a Muslim in the current definition, but the distortion of Islam which is after all at the centre of the genius of Arab Islamic civilization insults the scholar in me and it is an affront to my sense of justice and truth. Islam is not only a religion but part of our history. We have to reclaim it, we have to wrench it from the marauding hordes of the likes of ISIS and return it to the fold of humanity. Islam would have remained a desert religion were it not for the driving force it generated as the path towards discovery, cognition and describing the world and praising it. When Islam sought learning and knowledge it inherited the cognitive disciplines of the world it came to inhabit. That was the best of Islam But now in the name of Islam all the abhorrent crimes against humanity are being committed. It has become the terror of the world, civilized and uncivilized. If we do not save the past from ruin, we shall not guarantee saving the present and the future from ruin too. No false caliphates, nor pretender caliphs

 July 1,  ISIS defined 

If you ask me to describe ISIS, I would say it is the organized Mafia of an Islam without God and without a Prophet. And if you ask me to define the newly declared  Caliphate of Baghdadi, I would say it is a syndicate of sanctioned disciplined crime chosen to represent the Islamic mafia of ISIS. 

June 2

What is so beneficial about the new caliphate, if we can use the term in such a context, is that it is dragging the concept into the dustbin of history, barring any possible return. It has made the new caliph the laughing stock of the Arab world. The danger does not come from the Muslims in the Arab countries accepting it, but from the adventurers, the simple fools, the wayward youths in revolt against their systems, societies and parents, the half illiterate Muslims all over the world who do not know one word of Arabic, the young Western Muslims in search of an identity or trying to invent an identity, the anarchists, the saboteurs, the Muslim mafias, the suicide bombers, the opportunists and the global Jihadists accepting and fuelling it. The new cowboy style caliph has sent the summons to them all over the world to come to him in order to depopulate the earths of Syria and Iraq so that they might inherit them.

ISIS, The Perfect Killing machine, July 2

At last the perfect killing machine has been invented, that is if you do not count the army of Assad. The Syrians need not freedom, not justice, not food, not homes, not a country, but more killing, more devastation, more dispersion. All was needed for perfection to prevail was the last touch in the figure of the masked ruthless new Caliph. Never the less, the masked Caliph is going to be used at best as a further justification of their conviction in the West: “it has nothing to do with us”, and at worst to prove yet again for the million of times that the ME can produce no better men or no better leasers because it specializes in futility and self destruction, democracy being too precious for them.   Please, wipe the smirk off your faces because he is your (our) man more than you will ever let yourselves think lest you are thrown into the grip of the most terrible of nightmares. The West was the good earth or the laboratory which allowed him to be cloned from and grafted with the worst that was in Western politics combined with that of the worst the Islamists and their megalomaniac aspirations can invent. The godfathers of Ibn Laden are the same godfathers of Al Baghdadi, Pretender Caliph of Islam. He is Obama’s creature. Not as far fetched as you might think. Woe for the Syrians ! Al-Baghdadi, the newest form of barrel bombs is ready to be tested against what has remained of them.

ISIS, June 3

The British young man from Cardiff fighting for ISIS in Syria apparently said according to a program the BBC is broadcasting now that he left Britain in order to be in the land of Izza (dignity) !!!!!The land of Izza where the Syrians are humiliated and butchered? He intends to stay where he is in Syria hoping to live there (in Syria which the Muslim Syrians are being driven out of by ISIS itself). He continued to say that he would like to bring his family to where he was. He is proud to be in the Caliphate State. How on earth an Islamic military state on usurped land has come to mean Caliphate according to the definition of ISIS and sold to young duped Muslims all over the world is beyond me to understand. Perhaps I should choose to join ISIS in order to understand. Syria has become the New World of disaffected radicalized indoctrinated young Muslims from all over the world. ISIS has become Columbus leading them to the promised land, more correctly the pied piper luring them to destruction

 Young men will seek idealism, June 3

It is not by saying it has nothing to do with us, referring to the Syrian war, that the British government and public are going to win the fight against terrorism and prevent their boys from sneaking out to join the fight. Perhaps the absence of idealism, compassion and clear values from the public discourse and the predominance of pragmatism, self interest, blatant egoism and detachment are not what young men, especially those who feel they have to do something regarding the fate of other human beings in the world, would wish to hear. Perhaps, the absence of idealism at home would drive them to look for it somewhere else and in so doing fall into the traps of those who manufacture it in order to fatten their dubious causes.

ISIS leadership

ISIS leadership

How smart is Da’ish ( name given to ISIS in Syria) June 4

We should not make too much of the super intelligence and strategies of Da’ish. Like all criminals and murderers they are cunning, unscrupulous, ambitious, scheming and single minded, but as for being smart. They are not. Declaring the caliphate is their end and the end of all caliphates. They have made a laughing stock of Islam, its history and dignity. That the concept of the caliphate has come to to\ such a grievance end as to be wielded by bank robbers, antiquity traffickers and cold blooded murderers is a measure of their great abilities at alienating all that is decent in humanity. No, they have not scored a PR victory nor are their skills at abusing and misusing the social media to mobilize support from disaffected youths and adventurers or naive- would- be Jihadists to be admired and marvelled at. Assad and his Shabiha are also skilful manipulators of the social media. ISIS is a calamity born of a calamity. They are part of the chain of events that started with tolerating Assad against his people.  We warned and warned about the vacuum that was created inconsequence of the savage terrible onslaught by Assad on the Syrian people and their towns and cities. We pointed out that Assad has managed to annihilate the flower of the Syrian youths, the best of their activist, the would- be-leaders culturally and morally in addition to the bulk of  the viable civil institutions , the coordination committees and  community efforts at organization and maintaining the law, but to no avail.  Sacrificing that phase of the Syrian Revolution paved the way to the institutionalization of  the violence of Assad and the emergence of the so–called Caliphate of Da’ish. But who is going to reap the bitter harvest of all these horrors?  The Syrian people and Syria. ©Alisar Iram    

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I am an artist, a writer and a researcher. I know Arabic and English . I am interested in music and art of every description. I like to describe myself as the embodiment of a harmonious marriage between two cultures which I value and treasure.
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