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The pottery of ancient Tell Halaf, in Syria, and my ceramics

The love affair between me and the ancient pottery of Tell Halaf started when a friend of mine, a fellow potter and a university lecturer lent me some of his books about ancient Mesopotamia and the history of archaeological   excavations there. … Continue reading

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Art is Civilization and a civilizing discipline: The Angel of the Trumpet

I must remember that I am an artist. I must remember my paintings, my etchings, my ceramics and my glass sculptures. The sorrows of Syria, the irredeemably harrowing o pain of the children of Syria and my bearing witness to them have almost severed my life-giving relationship … Continue reading

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We shall raise our voices loud and clear against the inhumanity of man to man

 A few days ago a discussion took place on the page of Yassin Al-Haj Saleh at Facebook.  Y. Al-Haj Saleh, who had spent in the past 16 years in the prisons of the Syrian Regime, is a well known Syrian … Continue reading

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Al-Raqqa, once the second capital of a great empire then a ceramic center which created wonders in clay

Recently the city of Al-Raqqa, Eastern Syria, has been a prey to the Syrian bombers which resulted in the deaths of many children, not to mention a trail of destruction. This aroused great sadness in me, a ceramist, because Al-Raqqa was a … Continue reading

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