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Bearing witness: the Bayda massacre, genocide or sectarian cleansing?

Very graphic images. They were murdered and dumped like garbage. To all whom it may concern in our civilized world, please investigate…investigate…investigate. O, how the world looks the other way!  If they were dogs  and cats, the world would have been … Continue reading

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Taboo…Tabooed حرام….محرم

Cain killing Abel  The blood of Abel is tabooed Taboo..Tabooed…. حرام….محرم قابيل يقتل هابيل….دم هابيل حرام In memory of Bayda in Banyas ©Alisar Iram

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Bearing witness: I present to you Aleppo, a city that predates written history, the second oldest inhabited city in the world, as it was and as it has become after the deadly shadow of destruction and annihilation fell upon her: Part one

Related Please note that part three of my  documentation of cultural heritage was posted in April, 2013, which means that damage since last April until the present day is awaiting documentation. Aleppo I have been delaying … Continue reading

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Bearing witness: I present to you the children of Syria

Bear with me good people of the world, but I do need the mercy of God or the mercy of the universe to continue collecting images of dead and maimed children in order to prepare them for posting. I need … Continue reading

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The Death River: bearing witness

Martin Fletcher Published at 12:01AM, January 30 2013 Scores of corpses were pulled from a river in Aleppo yesterday after the worst massacre that Syria’s war-ravaged second city has suffered. The bloodied, mud-caked bodies of between 60 and 80 young … Continue reading

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Does the earth of Syria grow corpses هل تزرع ارض سوريا الجثث؟

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War rape: The forgotten pandemic sweeping Syria

A crime is committed twice if we choose to ignore it, or neglect reporting it and bringing it to the attention of the world.   This post was first published in January 2013 with references to three articles on rape … Continue reading

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