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الأسطورة وثورة الشعب السوري Myth and the Syrian Revolution

See also the English version: كنت دائما مهتمة بالأسطورة و ذلك لأنني أرى فيها انعكاسا للحياة كما أرى في الحياة انعكاسا للاسطورة. وكان أول كتاب نشرلي  يدور  حول الأساطير و القصص الخرافية. الأسطورة هي نوع خارق او امثولي من القصص … Continue reading

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Where to Syria of the Sorrows?

( I consider the following article as one of my most important articles on the Syrian Revolution) I started this article 2 weeks ago, before the convening of Geneva 2 in Switzerland on the 22nd of January. This fact does … Continue reading

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Chemical attack?what chemical attack? Sorry it is alleged and cannot be verified

Nothing but a gratification of the appetites and wishful, distorted, speculative,futile thinking: this sums up my opinion of the International Media in its reaction to the chemical attack in the Ghouta of Damascus which took place on 21 August and … Continue reading

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The massacre of Bayda in Banyas: As the darkness proclaims its victories, let us give it no dominion

The report of The Syrian Human Rights Watch  documenting the massacre which took place in the coastal town of Banyas in Syria, covering the massacres of Bayda, and Ras Al-Nabe’. The report is in Arabic but as soon as I have it … Continue reading

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Message to the UN

The terrible heinous crimes committed by the regime and his militias in Bayda and Banyas, not to mention numerous other locations and not to mention the indiscriminate ruthless bombing of civilians, the annihilation of towns, villages and cities amount to crimes against humanity. … Continue reading

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Taboo…Tabooed حرام….محرم

Cain killing Abel  The blood of Abel is tabooed Taboo..Tabooed…. حرام….محرم قابيل يقتل هابيل….دم هابيل حرام In memory of Bayda in Banyas ©Alisar Iram

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