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The Rise of ISIS: extracts from articles and comments

MEDITATION ON ISIS (DA’ISH): THE BIRTH OF ISLAMIC COLONIALISM By Alisar Iram / in My Take / tags Iraq, ISIS, Islam, Religion, Revolution, Syria, Syrian People 2 Comments I know it is not conventional to write articles in the form of diaries or chronicles, but I have been keeping … Continue reading

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Starvation and more starvation in Syria

This is part of a report I compiled and wrote in October 2003. The areas under siege then are still under siege ,in addition to reported starvation in Raqqa and part of Aleppo because the Syrian people have now to … Continue reading

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Farewell to Syria, for a while: في وداع سورية… مؤقتا

Farewell to Syria, for a while By Yassin Al Haj Saleh October 12, 2013 I have tried hard for the last two and a half years to stay in Syria. It was important for me as a writer to stay … Continue reading

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Al-Raqqa, once the second capital of a great empire then a ceramic center which created wonders in clay

Recently the city of Al-Raqqa, Eastern Syria, has been a prey to the Syrian bombers which resulted in the deaths of many children, not to mention a trail of destruction. This aroused great sadness in me, a ceramist, because Al-Raqqa was a … Continue reading

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