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Videos two years old but still relevant

The first video was made in 2012. The images of the children are dated and have become history now. video is dedicated to the children of Syria. They have been subjected to the horrors of war on an apocalyptic scale. … Continue reading

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A painting soaked in the blood of the child who painted it and a school destroyed by a missile in a never ending story

   Pictures from an exhibition                     In a school in Aleppo the teachers thought to offer the war children some relief and the chance to express their feelings about the war … Continue reading

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Starvation: I accuse you world, I accuse you Obama, I condemn you Putin: Look at the image of Syrian childhood turning into stone under the gaze of the Medusa of hunger

  O no, I am not going to warn you and apologize for the painful disturbing pictures of starving children, for I wish you you to gaze at them and keep a place for them in your hearts and perhaps do something about it. … Continue reading

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Testimony of an activist who escaped from a Syrian state security branch

The testimony and documentation below were issued by the Violation Documentation Center in Syria which includes lawyers, doctors and Human Rights activists. I expect that the readers can take their word for it without the need for further verification, the magic … Continue reading

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Chemical attack?what chemical attack? Sorry it is alleged and cannot be verified

Nothing but a gratification of the appetites and wishful, distorted, speculative,futile thinking: this sums up my opinion of the International Media in its reaction to the chemical attack in the Ghouta of Damascus which took place on 21 August and … Continue reading

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Bearing witness: The destruction of Homs, the third largest city in Syria. The mosque of Khalid Ibn Al Walid is under attack

Khalid Ibn Al Walid Mosque, the beating heart of Homs The Syrian regime has been systematically, ruthlessly, methodically erasing Homs and its rebelling inhabitants since the onslaught on Baba Amr in the spring of 1912. The  devastation of Baba Amr, … Continue reading

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Lest we forget and lest the world forgets: Peaceful protest and demonstrations

Watching on TV the Egyptians demonstrate peacefully in their hundred of thousands in order to take up their Revolution once more, I go back in my mind to the beginnings of the Syrian Revolution. The world, especially the world media … Continue reading

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The massacre of Bayda in Banyas: As the darkness proclaims its victories, let us give it no dominion

The report of The Syrian Human Rights Watch  documenting the massacre which took place in the coastal town of Banyas in Syria, covering the massacres of Bayda, and Ras Al-Nabe’. The report is in Arabic but as soon as I have it … Continue reading

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Destroying Syria’s past: Ibla

Below is a report by The New York Times on the destruction of Syria’s heritage. See below a translation of the New York Times article which accompanies the video by:   ‎Protect Syrian Archaeology حماية الآثار السورية‎’s     نيويورك … Continue reading

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Bearing witness: From France voices rise bearing witness

I came across the following videos by accident. My search was sparked by the death of a great fighter for human rights, Stephane Hessel. The video contain extracts from other videos made by citizen journalists and photographers showing glimpses of the different stages of … Continue reading

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