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I am dedicating this blog to my poetry, art and topics related to art. I write poetry mostly in English but I write in Arabic too. As an artist I am versatile because I like experimenting and working with different mediums. Surfaces, textures , colours and materials. I started with painting in gouache and watercolors mainly, experimenting with gilding, calligraphy and miniature style illuminations. The arts of the  book, Arab Islamic and Western became a passion of mine. Living in the west, I fell in love with Arab Islamic art and design. The art of the potter held a great magic for me, so I trained as a potter and began to develop my own techniques. Pottery led me in the direction of glass making, especially moulded glass and sculptures. In addition to all of that, I decided to branch into digital art, creating my own techniques and  exploring Photoshop possibilities.  

Poetry and art for me, the word and the image, are linked and complement each other. When I write poetry I see the poems in colors, shadowy and illuminated, and  when I paint or make things, they partake of the eloquence of words and their power to invoke and go beyond themselves.  But they all brim with light and sing to life.

I have decide to start this blog  for my art and poetry before the Revolution because  my art in particular ,which was greatly inspired by Arab Islamic art and civilization, is very relevant to my blog dedicated to the Syrian Revolution. I have written several times to say that the upper layer of the civilizations of Syria, i.e. that of the Arabic Islamic art and culture are disappearing under our very eyes in Syria, due to the war in general, but particularly to the massive, mindless, ruthless annihilation unleashed by the Syrian army through indiscriminate bombardment and shelling by every known weapon. In my honest opinion: this is the war of the ignorant and the imbecile against civilization and history.  I am thinking that by juxtaposition: settingcreativity against destruction, beauty against deformity, wholeness and perfection against nihilistic chaos and disintegration, the spirit of a mighty civilization might be resurrected in a bid against  damnation and death. It inspired me, therefore let it inspire others.

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©Alisar Iram

Variations on Arabesque: etching

Variations on Arabesque: etching and multimedia



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