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الأسطورة وثورة الشعب السوري Myth and the Syrian Revolution

See also the English version: https://alisariram.wordpress.com/myth-and-the-syrian-revolution-a-tribute-to-the-syrian-people/ كنت دائما مهتمة بالأسطورة و ذلك لأنني أرى فيها انعكاسا للحياة كما أرى في الحياة انعكاسا للاسطورة. وكان أول كتاب نشرلي  يدور  حول الأساطير و القصص الخرافية. الأسطورة هي نوع خارق او امثولي من القصص … Continue reading

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To Russia with love: Thank you for Assad, the helicopters and the barrel bombs

Assad, the Russian helicopters and the barrel bombs are things to be grateful for.We recommend them to Russia, as they have proven marvelously effective in Syria. The original structure is that of the Kremlin

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Devastated Old Aleppo revisited in images: Civilization is diminished

All that destroys life and innocence is my enemy.  All that unmakes, all that reduces into nothingness or annihilates and obliterates, is my foe and my slayer.  All that negates existence or smothers the life forces of man and nature, … Continue reading

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My Art of Ruins: an issue of copyright and intellectual and artistic honesty

On the 6th of August I posted my Video Cities of Smoke to You Tube :http://youtu.be/23WlnF3S4Ko. In this video, I used techniques I have used and developed before in my digital art, and because the video was meant to arouse … Continue reading

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