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Is this World War 2? No it is Homs as Assad has re-designed it

The great architect, the inimitable designer and planner of cities, the unique demolisher, the superb wrecker, Assad of Syria has created a masterpiece of ruins Hiroshima cannot vie with.  This heap of broken images, this wasteland, this NOTHING, this primordial … Continue reading

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The original sin, Assad and Medusa

Two  concepts sprang into my mind this morning, that of the Greek monster of vengeance the Medusa, growing venomous snakes for hair, who used to turn all those who gazed on her to stone, and that of the Christian concept of … Continue reading

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Have you heard my civilized…very civilized world what is happening in Aleppo? God save me and save you from the eye doctor

To the unseen courageous people who visit my blog and brave its tragic contents, to my guests, please bear with me because were it not that I m writing for you and to you, the untold suffering I am bearing … Continue reading

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What does it mean to Syria and to the world if Assad stays

 1. Breaking the spirit of Syria and destroying its will. 2. Putting the seal of approval  on the claim that all has been in vain, that all is lost: the dreams, the idealistic aspirations , the quest for emancipation and … Continue reading

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The President and the man who would be King

Some thoughts and reflections on Syria and the world: The Price of International inaction They have let it brew and spawn and and fester till all hell was let loose. Let them face the concurrences now. Sometimes not to act … Continue reading

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