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Elegy for the children of Syria and Gaza: If I call to the children

If I stretch my soul between the disintegrating Earth and the pearly heaven If I stretch it gently and embroider it With red roses and white roses With blue birds and opal butterflies With meadows the colour of passionate green  … Continue reading

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The war children of Syria: our reluctant heroes

I am calling these children whom you are going to see below our unknown reluctant heroes for the ordeals they have been through surpass the imagination. They have undergone the ordeals of fire, hunger, terrible injuries, amputated limbs, the loss … Continue reading

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Is this World War 2? No it is Homs as Assad has re-designed it

The great architect, the inimitable designer and planner of cities, the unique demolisher, the superb wrecker, Assad of Syria has created a masterpiece of ruins Hiroshima cannot vie with.  This heap of broken images, this wasteland, this NOTHING, this primordial … Continue reading

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A painting soaked in the blood of the child who painted it and a school destroyed by a missile in a never ending story

   Pictures from an exhibition                     In a school in Aleppo the teachers thought to offer the war children some relief and the chance to express their feelings about the war … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking on Syria

  It matters, it matters a lot that one of the world’s greatest thinkers, a humanist at heart, is declaring what he thinks of the war in Syria and the failure of humanity to stop it. His point of view … Continue reading

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Death, death, death stalks the Syrian camps

Death Stalks the Syrian refugee camps as the snows fall and the winter screams in the wilderness. Babies freeze to death and old men and women shiver their lives to icy nothingness.

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With my body I shall warm you, little brother

Picture by Nino Fezza NINO Fezza cinereporter Hello World …Old pictures … but always present … winter has arrived … Children of Syria, remember them..remember them.

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Starvation: I accuse you world, I accuse you Obama, I condemn you Putin: Look at the image of Syrian childhood turning into stone under the gaze of the Medusa of hunger

  O no, I am not going to warn you and apologize for the painful disturbing pictures of starving children, for I wish you you to gaze at them and keep a place for them in your hearts and perhaps do something about it. … Continue reading

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Broken Wings

When Gibran Khalil Gibran wrote his poetic novel Broken Wings, Syria and Lebanon were in the grip of a dream and latent aspirations for change, social, political and spiritual. The novel is a long anguished and climactic cry of a … Continue reading

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The Death of the young is upon me

“My heart is sore pained within me, and the terrors of death are fallen upon me. Fearfulness and trembling are come upon me, and the horror hath overwhelmed me. And I said, ‘Oh that I had wings like a dove! … Continue reading

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