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The abduction of the members of the Violations Documentation Center in Syria (Douma)

http://www.vdc-sy.info/index.php/en/home The Office of the Violations Documentation Center in Syria was attacked last night  and ransacked by masked unknown armed men  in Douma, a town in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus, mainly held by Opposition fighters. Its staff members were abducted … Continue reading

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Starvation: I accuse you world, I accuse you Obama, I condemn you Putin: Look at the image of Syrian childhood turning into stone under the gaze of the Medusa of hunger

  O no, I am not going to warn you and apologize for the painful disturbing pictures of starving children, for I wish you you to gaze at them and keep a place for them in your hearts and perhaps do something about it. … Continue reading

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Read it please, read all of it: Assad’s Cold Calculation: The Poison Gas War on the Syrian People

Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack: Western Intervention Draws Nearer Assad’s Cold Calculation: The Poison Gas War on the Syrian People By Hans Hoyng and Christoph Reuter Evidence clearly suggests that Syria’s president has deployed chemical weapons. The latest poison gas attack should set … Continue reading

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