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We are the saddest people, we are the tragic people

  I believe we have become the saddest people in the world. not only the saddest but the most tragic. We are the sad people We are the tragic people We carry our losses and stare Our losses carry us … Continue reading

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الأسطورة وثورة الشعب السوري Myth and the Syrian Revolution

See also the English version: https://alisariram.wordpress.com/myth-and-the-syrian-revolution-a-tribute-to-the-syrian-people/ كنت دائما مهتمة بالأسطورة و ذلك لأنني أرى فيها انعكاسا للحياة كما أرى في الحياة انعكاسا للاسطورة. وكان أول كتاب نشرلي  يدور  حول الأساطير و القصص الخرافية. الأسطورة هي نوع خارق او امثولي من القصص … Continue reading

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The President and the man who would be King

Some thoughts and reflections on Syria and the world: The Price of International inaction They have let it brew and spawn and and fester till all hell was let loose. Let them face the concurrences now. Sometimes not to act … Continue reading

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