My reflections: are the chemical weapons the heart of the matter or the fate of Syria and the Syrian people

A friend of mine living in the ruins of Aleppo said to me: “The truth is that they have betrayed us as human beings because they never really saw us as human beings, as human beings separate from politics and global imperatives.. The truth is they might relinquish what little responsibility they have found and go back to the comforts of their lives.”


They are selling Syria again for thirty pieces of silver: the chemical weapons. They will get their chemical weapons or the promise of them then wash their hands off the blood of the Syrian people, like Pilates and leave Christ alone o be crucified..

 On Assad

Stall and bluff….. bluff and buy time…Bluff and gamble….play the fool…grovel..promise from here to eternity….bend while holding a dagger to strike at the right moment. bluff..gamble and paralyze the world. They are fools to trust the scorpion…they are fools

Reflections on the state of the world

I was stunned when Obama said among other things from the White House last night that he had stopped to consider a little when he received a letter ( presumably from a regime supporter), saying that in attacking the regime he might be contravening Human Rights??????????????????????????????????

Why do I think and feel that they have got it all wrong: Human Rights, humanity, morality, freedom, emancipation; the imperatives dictating the protection of children, the helpless, the voiceless and the weak, reasons to go to war and reasons for action or inaction.

“It has nothing to do with us, it is not our problem, charity starts at home, it might be against our interests, it certainly does not serve our interests and more…and more, play the variations on the theme of the justification of inaction and the endless pretexts offered to ignore genocide. All the recent wars in the Middle East were fuelled by the mad rush for oil or national interests and security. Is fighting a war for humane reasons an aberration and a flagrant violation of the codes of national interest and International pragmatism and hegemony.

May be it needs a Syria, a human disaster on an unprecedented scale in our times to write a new chapter in International relations: a taming of the beast of narcissism, International domination and global inter-relations. May be the regrets over Syria, for they will yet regret abandoning Syria to annihilation, will be the deciding factor in ending the rule of the magnificent 5 at the Security Council in favour of creating a Security Council which reflects a fairer global system that will not sacrifice the smaller nations at the altar of global indifference, greed and injustice.


How dare they reduce the Syrian struggle for freedom and dignity to stripping Assad of his chemical weapons, or to a war between Al-Qaeda and Assad’s army? All the fighting machinery in Syria whether government fighters or Opposition fighters do not exceed half a million maximum, while there are about 22 million civilians, 7 millions of whom are displaced internally and externally. Therefore, why is it impossible to see the conflict in human terms? Why can’t they take a gamble on the Syrians? The future is a foreign territory which has to be explored. There are no guarantees about it. But without daring and gambling in the hope that there might be something good there, instead of allowing ourselves to drown in the vicious circles of speculations and nightmares, nothing will be won while much or all might be lost. I wish the world to take a gamble on the enterprising, resilient, intelligent and smart Syrian young men and women. They deserve it. After all, they have been tested by fire, annihilation and lastly by Sarin.


What about the crime?

So they have sold us, the Syrians, for the chemical weapons. But a crime was committed. About 1400 people were gassed to death, many of them infants and young children. What are they going to do about them and about the crime? Forgive Assad and tell the naughty boy that he cannot any longer play with Sarin, then pat him on the shoulder and depart. President Hamlet is becoming more Hamletian by the day and the Russians are playing cat and mouse. What kind of world is this and what kind of leaders govern our world? They are the Hollow Men and this is but a hollow world. Woe for the little children of Syria.


Congratulation: it is a question of chemical weapons not a question of the destruction of a nation. Good luck then and goodbye.

©Alisar Iram

What about the crime?






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