Assad’s Speech in Damascus, 6 January, 1913

 It was the worst speech Assad has ever made, unbelievable in its smugness, blindness, narcissism and self delusion.   Assad staged a soap opera yesterday with him playing the Ghost of the Opera, as true to soaps as could be in production, dramatics and execution. Especially impressive was the back drop made of the pictures of the people who were killed in Syria. Who killed them? You might ask? The rebels are but soap bubbles, he declared,  so are the rest, the sympathizers. You might ask too how could soap bubbles have survived for two years defying the might of Assad, Iran and Russia combined?

How dare a president speak with such savage self- assurance and arrogance in the wake of more than 60000 people dead and about 5 million Syrians displaced or on the move without shelter? I am ashamed as every human being should. How dare he dismiss millions of the Syrian people as the scum of the earth and no more than criminal mobs, puppets and soap bubbles? The last is certainly an innovation because no President I can recall has ever described his rebelling people as soap bubbles.  Prick and they will disappear. Sarcasm from such a mouth is deadly sinister to say the least.

Who is he to issue such judgments?  What is his standing among those who are worthy or entitled to issue judgments? What learning, knowledge, wisdom, contributions to humanity, personal attributes give such a man the right to condemn his people to untold suffering and tear a country apart? I am ashamed. That he should stand there on the stage lecturing the world and issuing sickly nauseating platitudes and glaring distorted falsehoods, while his supporters are shouting their macabre slogan:  We are Shabiha  (killers) forever for the love of your eyes Assad, that he should do that insults me, insults you and all those who died. That he should choose to have as a background drop a Syrian flag made of the pictures of people he had killed or caused the death of is terrifying to me. That he insolently should detail a plan for Syria according to him, call for a dialogue on his own terms, detail a vision, his own, of how things should be, paint a future created by his own brush, speak about a constitution, tailored for him and his minions, all this and much more outrage me and  the suffering people of Syria.   That he dares after all what he has brought upon the head of Syria, that he dares speak about his love for Syria is blasphemous and an affront to the history of Syria and the spirit of Syria. An affront to me, to you and to every Syrian.  I would have also added, to every human being, but where are they?  I do not see them. 

About alisariram

I am an artist, a writer and a researcher. I know Arabic and English . I am interested in music and art of every description. I like to describe myself as the embodiment of a harmonious marriage between two cultures which I value and treasure.
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