The Journey: a poem الرحيل

This poem, simple as it is, means a lot to me. It is a journey, a kind of spiritual odyssey to the unknown. It features a sea, a moon, lightning, thunder, a boat and a traveller. I rank it among my Sufi poems. Yearning permeates it. Longing for the unknown fires it.  It wavers between darkness and light and trembles at the edge of suffering, seeking the journey to make suffering meaningful.

It is both in Arabic and English.

The Journey

The Journey: multimedia by Alisar Iram

The night has grown smaller


Passionate longing


Over the sea.

A voice cried

Peace ….peace

It is time to set forth

It is time to seek the source

Of this long sweeping darkness

So that we might find.


Perhaps, through the towering veils

Of this long night

We might discern a fair night


Perhaps in the maze of brooding images

We might catch a glimpse of the fair lightning


And stretch our necks

 To listen to the song of the high thunder



The night has grown smaller

So has the place

Pain has grown gentler

So have the hours

So let us still our hearts

And let us whisper

Peace….peace be with us

For this beautiful calm is for us

And this elegy of the winds is for us

And for us the rocks have blossomed

And for us the caves are heaving incense


The daughter of man

Has grown tender 

She opened her arms wide like a dove

And her gentleness throbbed like a violin.

She walked to the sea

And the sea walked to her

She rushed to the universe

And the universe rushed to her.

And the word was peace

And the feeling was love

As the boat pushed forward

And vanished into the flying moon.

 اليسار ارم© Alisar Iram.



طفُل الليل وونَى

وران على البحور الجوى

وهتف هاتفٌ


السلام علينا

فقد حانت

ساعة الرحيل

الى منابع الليل الطويل

لعلنا بين حجب العتمةْ

نتبين ليلا ابيضْ

لعلنا في تيه الصخور الراضخةْ

نلمح برقا ابيضْ

لعلنا نجدُ


لنسمع نشيد الرعود الباذخةْ

لعلنا نجدُ


طفُل الليل وطفُل المكان

طفل الالم وطفل الزمان

فدعنا نهدئ من روعنا


السلام السلام علينا

فهذا الهدوء الجميل

انما هو من اجلنا

ومرثاة الريح الناغمة انما هي لنا

ومن اجلنا تفتت براعم الصخور

ونفِسَت الكهوف غمائم البخور


ابنة الانسان

حنت فتشاجنت

وفاض بها الحنانْ

وفتحت ذراعيها كالسمّانْ

وودُعت ساجعة كالكمانْ

وسارت الى البحر

وسار البحر اليها

وهرعت الى الكون

وهرع الكون اليها

وكانت الكلمة سلاما

وكان الشعور حباً

اذ تشرَع صدر القارب

وغاب في لجّة القمر الهارب

فالسلام علينا

السلام علينا

اليسار ارم© Alisar Iram




About alisariram

I am an artist, a writer and a researcher. I know Arabic and English . I am interested in music and art of every description. I like to describe myself as the embodiment of a harmonious marriage between two cultures which I value and treasure.
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